Company registration

Our team offers a complete company registration service, including opening a bank account. 

How can ATCA help?

Our team can explain the differences and help you choose the right company type for you. We can also advise on the potential consequences of choosing a certain company type (limited liability (SARL / Gmbh) vs. stock corporation SA / AG),  its minimal and optimal capital, as well as the main points contained in the company articles. We will guide you through all the decisions you need to make before going to a public notary, such as: 

  • unique company name
  • company address
  • company type (limited liability (SARL / Gmbh) vs. stock corporation SA / AG)
  • the amount of capital to be paid in, if higher than the minimum
  • company owners
  • company board members (at least one of them must be a Swiss resident)
  • company purpose
  • company approach to auditing
  • other specific points to be mentioned in the articles of the company

Once you have made a decision concerning the above points,  you need to open a capital payment account in one of the Swiss banks and deposit the minimum capital. Once that is done, the bank will issue a capital certificate and send it to the notary.After the company is registered, the bank will transform the capital bank account into a business account for the company. Subsequently, the notary will send all documents to the Trade Registry, in order to apply for business registration. Once done, you will receive the registration certificate

Once your company is registered in the Swiss commercial registry, the following steps should be considered:

  • VAT registration
  • Registration at the institutions handling social charges
  • Company’s responsibility insurance
  • Registration of  business name (Trademark)
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Other company forms you may consider: 

  • Sole entrepreneur – can be created by a private individual who is a Swiss resident. There is no minimum share capital required. There is no need to register it in the Commercial Register, unless the annual turnover exceeds 100’000 CHF.

  • General Partnership – can be formed by at least two Swiss residents, with the same business goal. There is no minimum share capital.

  • Limited Partnership – created by at least one person (partner) who bears the full liability and at least one partner who bears limited liability up to the contribution made to the partnership.
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ATCA Experience & Procedures

Our team is formed of specialists who have experience handling all the procedures necessary to guide you through company registration. Our work is based on reliability and trust, as we strive to make sure our clients receive a comprehensive and satisfactory service. 

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